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You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.

You're on your own.
And you know,
You are the guy
Who'll decide where to go…

- Dr. Seuss

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Coaching in Organizations

In a dynamic and complex business environment, strategic coaching during critical times of transition and growth is a wise investment in a long-term asset—people. By aligning individual development with business outcomes, executive coaching is an investment in a long-term asset with future service potential—your people. Coaching delivers profound results for:

Systemic CoachingSM
Systemic coaching is a broad-based initiative in which both individual and organizational competencies are aligned to impact engagement, innovation or change. Deploying external coaches is one of the most effective ways to accelerate executive and management development. Whether launching a new program or enhancing an existing coaching initiative, Peoplesmith introduces industry standards of excellence to optimize coaching programs that align with your business strategy.

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Our seasoned, global coaches work in concert to impact individual and organizational strategies. Custom programs aligned with your organizational strategy address:

Externally Managed Coaching Programs
Our expert program managers work with you to plan, source and deploy a comprehensive program that deploys external coaches and includes:

Mentoring Program
Our organizational mentoring program promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience as well as a connection with leaders that builds know-how and know-who. The result is that of engaging and retaining quality leaders for succession. Our coach-facilitated mentor program facilitates developing leaders for succession, high performing teams and the transfer of tacit learning as we facilitate this comprehensive program worldwide.

Engaged Organization Coaching SystemSM
The Engaged Organization Coaching SystemSM is a strategically designed series of coaching interventions for groups, teams or entire organizations. Focusing not only on individual competence, the Coaching System uses coaching to activate the Leadership MultiplierTM for accelerated behavioral change that creates a pervasive, Leadership Brand. Specific group coaching modules can be rolled out in a comprehensive manner for the entire organization, or implemented as learning modules for select functions or teams. For more information regarding the full range of services offered by Peoplesmith Global, please contact us via email or call 412.362.2622.

The system coaches senior leadership to demonstrate organization values and behavior in everyday actions and decisions (The Engaged LeaderTM Program). Knowledge transfer may be effected through a concurrent, optional mentoring program between leaders and managers or by training leaders in coaching methodology. Finally, through group and individual coaching, accountability and engagement permeate all levels of the organization.

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Organizational Engagement Model

Coaching Added to Training
Training alone is a one-time event with learning as an end. When coupled with coaching, training has four times the impact on accountability and behavior change becomes sustainable. A coaching intervention is deliberate about achieving business results. As a dynamic intervention, it builds accountability for purposeful learning and a bias for action toward results.

Peoplesmith Global's Assessments for Coaching
Peoplesmith Global uses a variety of individual and group assessment tools to support learning.  As appropriate, we can work with our clients' instruments or employ 360˚ or 180˚ assessments, personality profiles, MBTI, Leadership and Team Instruments, EQ 360 and other assessments for individuals or groups.