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Oh, The Places You'll Go

You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.

You're on your own.
And you know,
You are the guy
Who'll decide where to go…

- Dr. Seuss

what's happening in The Smithery
need a dose of optimism?
or perhaps some emotional insight?

Coaching for Individuals

Change happens in biological time. The hard-wired working strategy that took you to this level of performance needs to give way to a new, more productive set of skills that comprise today's winning strategy. To arrive at the highest level of authentic leadership, individuals, with their coach, define their future and live into it. Peoplesmith Global champions the individual to align power, potency and potential into purposeful and deliberate action. Peoplesmith Global’s Coaches accelerate leaders’ learning in real time through our coaching programs.

Executive Coaching

Whenever there has been a need to build performance capacity or to pass on accumulated wisdom, coaching was present. CEOs, performing artists and athletes have long known the benefits of an objective guide and mentor. Coaching is a process and an accelerated delivery channel for executive insight, influence and impact.

Today, coaching guides executives to their own inner resources to drive change, influence teams and build leadership capacity to achieve specific outcomes.

Coaching is a customized learning modality that moves executives quickly up their own learning curve to achieve unprecedented results. Sessions take place one-on-one in confidential and personal discussions with the executive coach who is both partner and ally in bringing leadership and a business-results focus to the process. 

Peoplesmith Global offers:

Individual Executive Coaching

  • High Potentials & Emerging Leaders
  • Leadership Coaching
  • CEO Coaching
  • Women's Leadership
  • Sales Coaching
  • Change, Transitions & Mergers
  • 360 de-brief coaching

Group & Team Workshops

  • Coaching the Leader/Manager
  • The Engaged Team
  • Leader/Manager as Coach

Organizational Coaching Programs

  • Systemic CoachingTM
  • Leadership MultiplierTM Coaching
  • The Engaged Organization
  • Leader/Manager as Coach

Are you ready to be coached?


The Engaged LeaderSM
This coaching program aligns individual and organizational stratey. Executives are coached to model the values and organizational mission in their daily communication and actions.  Assessments of each leader’s style, the understanding to lead a change initiative, and the steps for building an engaged organization are included.

Emerging Leader Transitions
The leader in a new position or location receives accelerated development with special emphasis on the first ninety days in the new role. Having to quickly assimilate new skills, coaching emphasizes new success criteria of working through others, mentoring, leading teams and networking.

Specialty Coaching

Often, executives need tactical development in a particular set of skills such as presentation, communication, stress management, life balance, transitions or other such tactical skills. Through our extensive network of coaches, Peoplesmith Global can match the right coach to the developmental needs of an individual or group.

Career Transitions
In every career, one transforms themselves from what they are to what they can be. The challenges of moving through and dialoguing about oneself in a new way calls for added support and objective evaluation that coaching adds to the authentic individual within the leader.

Life Alignment Coaching
Work hard and play hard. Executives have different challenges to balance work and life, demonstrate authentic leadership, sustain a vital social and recreational life and manage stress. Executive Life Coaching addresses the work-life issues specific to the executive suite.

Assessments for Coaching

Peoplesmith Global uses a variety of individual and group assessment tools to support learning.  As appropriate, we employ 360˚ or 180˚ assessments, personality profiles, MBTI, Leadership and Team Instruments, EQ 360 and other assessments for individuals or groups.