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Oh, The Places You'll Go

You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.

You're on your own.
And you know,
You are the guy
Who'll decide where to go…

- Dr. Seuss

what's happening in The Smithery
need a dose of optimism?
or perhaps some emotional insight?

The Engaged Organization Coaching System

The Engaged LeaderSM

Executives are coached to model the values and organizational mission in their daily communication and actions. Assessments of each leader's style, understanding how to lead a change initiative, and the steps for building an engaged organization are included.

The Engaged LeaderSM for Teams

Executive management models the values and organizational mission in their daily communication and action. Group learning is augmented with coaching for each individual.

Executive Coaching

Individual coaching and assessments for the executive's custom learning curve to enhance personal effectiveness and organizational leadership. Emphasizes the interpersonal side of leadership and the ability to build on authenticity to engage and influence others.

Emerging Leader Transitions

The individual is assimilated into a new position or location with special emphasis on the first ninety days of development and orientation to teams. Having to quickly assimilate new skills, coaching emphasizes new success criteria of working through others, mentoring, leading teams and networking.

The Mentoring Program

The transfer of knowledge and experience of connection with leaders builds know-how and know-who for engaging and retaining quality leaders for succession. Managers and leaders who coach build succession teams and transfer tacit learning that they have gained from those above.

Leader/Manager As Coach

Coaching is the most dramatic leadership style to foster learning, encourage change and build trust using active listening, inquiry and influence for a climate of engagement. These workshops are leadership development programs which impart coaching skills so that change is facilitated from within the company.

Manager As Protégé

Supports the emerging leader as participant in the mentoring process. Managers understand their role and responsibilities, are matched with a mentor, and are given ongoing guidance to navigate the mentoring process.

EQ for the Engaged Organization

A broad-based coaching initiative for employee connectivity and engagement using emotional intelligence in support of the engaged organization. Content includes: the business case for EQ, building self-awareness and self-mastery, and concrete exercises for improved interpersonal effectiveness.

The Engaged Organization Coaching SystemSM

A Comprehensive set of learning modules implemented top-down to create a culture of engagement, retention and profitability. Includes a comprehensive set of facilitated workshops and strategic coaching for individuals, resulting in an engaged organization that is the Employer of Choice in their field.

The system begins with senior leadershop, assuring values and behavior are being modeled consistent with formal training and development programs. Knowledge transfer is effected through a concurrent mentoring program between leaders and managers. Finally, through group and individual coaching, accountability and engagement permeate all levels of the organization.

Strategic Coaching

Broad-based coaching initiatives that coach hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals to transform an organizational climate toward engagement, innovation or change. Coaches partner with an organization's strategic human development initiatives to positively impact performance outcomes.

Specialty Coaching

Often, executives need tactical development in a particular set of skills such as communication, stress management, life balance, transitions or other such short-term needs. Through our extensive network of coaches, Peoplesmith Global can match the right coach to meet specific developmental needs of an individual or group.