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We've awaited the flattening of the world to provide our clients with the true, global advantage -- people. All things being equal, victory goes to those leaders who can create sustainable value by creating an experience so unique, so priceless and so demanded that individuals and the clients they serve are galvanized in loyalty. Engaged employees align with loyal customers and are 44% more profitable and as much as 50% more productive.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation of leadership. Academic training and technical knowledge contribute less than 7% to our personal and professional success. At the highest organizational levels, technical skills or academic credentials no longer offer the distinct advantage. Skills such as resourcefulness, ingenuity and creativity are the sustainable advantage in today’s marketplace. How we manage our perceptions, stay resilient with disappointment and manage ambiguity of change and relationships is how we build character. Coaching individuals and facilitating high performing teams using EQ, allows us to increase our emotional intelligence and recall our innate skill for leadership at work, and in life.

Self mastery and inter-personal effectiveness are the means of reaching and engaging the subjective experience of your team. Authentic leadership begins with the individual and extends to influencing others and building a leadership legacy. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand, manage and act upon emotional information - both for ourselves and for others. The historical emphasis on analysis, linear and logical thinking must be augmented with lateral, visual and social intelligences to compete in today's global marketplace. Since emotional intelligence can be learned mastering ourselves and the ambiguities of relationships and change and effectively influencing others with integrity are how authentic leadership is developed.