Our Coaches

Peoplesmith Global coaches work with individuals and in organization-wide coaching programs to increase leadership confidence and influence and to impact the climate and culture of a company. Our coaches are selected against many criteria, including former business experience, industry knowledge, years of coaching, formal training and many more variables. Peoplesmith coach selection, matching and deployment reflects the rigor of industry best practices, and our effort to optimize results for our clients.

Peoplesmith Global aligns a disciplined team of coaches against organizational outcomes. Recognized on five continents for results-based coaching, we continue to expand our team of coaches in various geographies for multi-national clients, and we secure coaches to meet the specialized developmental needs of our individual clients. Coaches are diligently trained, matched, and deployed. We can present one coach to work individually with an executive, or align teams of coaches for large groups or entire organizations.

Our community of coaches expands with the global reach and needs of our clients. Coaches interested in joining our global network may download our Request for Coaches and email to opportunities@peoplesmithglobal.com

Brenda Smith, MBA

Brenda is a veteran, executive coach with a passion to create authentic, masterful leaders who are both efficient with fiscal management and effective with people. A former Wall Street Executive, Brenda had P&L accountability for multi-million dollar operating budgets and over $3 billion in assets. She capitalizes on this experience to transform executives and entrepreneurs in the direction of their goals...  View Bio  

Maria  Amerstorfer 

Maria has been working as a trainer, coach and facilitator for over 10 years, conducting programs and providing services in the following areas: Emotional Intelligence, Peo. . .   View Bio »

Maria  Berdusco 

Maria Berdusco, Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Strategic Planner has over 25 years of business and management experience. Her combined expertise in strategic plan. . .   View Bio »

Vijay  Bhat 

As a Transitions Coach, Vijay helps his clients to navigate through major life transitions: personal, professional and organisational.

For corporates, Vijay focuse. . .   View Bio »

Richard  T.  Butler 

Richard Butler is an executive leadership coach who helps facilitates the leaderís ability to influence positive cultural change within their organization. Richard utilizes pr. . .   View Bio »

Mahesh  Deshmukh,  PhD

. . .   View Bio »

See Luan  Foo  PCC

See Luan has worked with executives, managers and high potential employess and to date he has coached or mentored managers from 15 countries. See Luan received his Professiona. . .   View Bio »

Ann  Fry  MSW, PCC

Ann Fry, MSW, PCC has a background of 30 years as a psychotherapist. For the past 15 years she has been a corporate trainer, professional speaker, consultant and executive . . .   View Bio »

Dennis  G.  Heath 

Dennisís background includes thirty years in sales and management positions in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific with multinational telecom manufacturers. Durin. . .   View Bio »

Donald  J.  Huse 

Don is an experienced executive coach, working with business and government organizations in support of their leadership and management development programs. In this regard, D. . .   View Bio »

Ken  Kesslin 

Ken Kesslin is an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator, specializing in leadership development and organizational effectiveness. More than a decade of corporate experienc. . .   View Bio »

Anne Dolly  Kuzhimadathil  Ph.D.

Dr. Dolly has more than 15 years of successful Learning and Development experience with a unique combination of both Academic and Corporate stints. Her belief in the capacity . . .   View Bio »

John  Lazar, MCC 

John Lazar has been a performance consultant and coach for over 20 years, including more than a decade as an executive coach.

He works with individual leaders (for e. . .   View Bio »

Eileen  Lichtenstein  MS.Ed., PCC.

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., PCC offers innovative training, speaking, consulting and coaching services in the realm of stress management/reduction and life balance to indivi. . .   View Bio »

Alyson  Lyon  MBA

Alyson Lyon, MBA, is an International Coach Federation certified executive coach and organizational development specialist who works with senior executives, business leaders, . . .   View Bio »

Craig  Lyon 

Craig Lyon is an executive coach working exclusively with high-potential leaders to achieve their maximum potential to positively impact bottom line performance.  As a. . .   View Bio »

Klaus  Nienhaus 

Klaus is coaching executives, managers, entrepreneurs and self-employed in South East Asia. Together with other associates he has set up a multi-cultural management coaching p. . .   View Bio »

Su-Chzeng  Ong 

Su-chzeng has delivered several hundred hours of coaching and facilitation in locations throughout Asia. She has over 30 yearsí worldwide corporate experience and is one of a . . .   View Bio »

Suzi  Pomerantz  MT., MCC.

Suzi Pomerantz, MT, MCC is an international Master Certified Coach, speaker, facilitator, corporate trainer and author with over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience w. . .   View Bio »

G. Lee  Salmon 

Lee is an executive consultant, certified coach with the International Coach Federation, and has more than 35 years experience working in the public and private sectors.

. . .   View Bio »

Sharon  L.  Saul  M.S.

Sharon Saul has been affiliated with Peoplesmith since 2001. She has worked with individuals, partnerships and attorneys, the judicial system, and educational institutions. Sh. . .   View Bio »

Roslyn  Solomon 

Roslyn Solomon works as an executive coach, educator and team facilitator at all levels of corporate, government, tertiary and community organizations. Through her understa. . .   View Bio »

Nancy  H.  Verhoeven 

Nancy Verhoeven, PCC is a certified executive coach with over 12 years of experience in leadership development, including coaching, creating executive education programs for W. . .   View Bio »

Tom  Volkar 

Tom Volkar is a nine year veteran in professional and business coaching, as well as facilitating teams and group coaching.  He specializes in business coaching, r. . .   View Bio »

Robert  G.  Whittaker 

Robert G. Whittaker is an experienced educator and coach. His experience ranges across Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SME) and Multi-National Corporate (MNC) sectors, fr. . .   View Bio »

Denise  Wright 

. . .   View Bio »