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Integration is the key.

We expand capacity using multiple intelligences. By integrating left-brained linear, logic and analysis with the right-brained lateral, visceral, and visual approaches to problem solving we create more possibilities for action. This whole-brained approach to problem-solving, moves us beyond blindspots to expand resources for decision making and innovation using:

  • Analysis with Synthesis
  • Authenticity with Alignment
  • Performance with Results
  • Human with Capital
  • Clarity with Ambiguity
  • Relationships with Engagement
  • Innovation with Creativity
  • Mastery with Integrity
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Think "Outrageous": How to lead your company beyond creativity-killing constrictions
Small Biz Magazine

If you're like most business owners or executives, you impose long lists of rules and regulations, protocols and decorum on your employees as your company grows and matures.

The controls are necessary, you insist, to maintain order amount the ranks.

But did you ever stop to think that maybe those rules sap the creativity right out of your employees-creativity that potentially could propel your company to innovative greatness? Maybe it's time for a new approach.

"It's time to get outrageous."

So says Brenda Smith, a personal effectiveness coach with her own consulting firm, peoplesmith. Smith has launched a mission to free companies from progressive conformity and to get them thinking creatively again, from top to bottom.

"People are obedient,"she says. "And they learn how to suppress their own energy. But if they do what's expected of them, you'll get what you expect, and that's it."

The creativity-and innovation-comes when your employees "go beyond what's normal and customary," Smith says, and do, well, the unexpected.

"People have their own self-imposed limits, but I say, "Can't you just do something outrageous. Like break the rules?" Smith challenges. "Rules are meant for people who don't understand the rules."

Smith says rules and conformity worked well in the days of downsizing and reorganization, when productivity and efficiency ruled the day. But in this age of information, employees need to be able to convert information to knowledge and, ultimately, to wisdom. And the only way to accomplish that, she stresses, is through creative energy-energy that comes with being outrageous.

"It's really the contrast between the old economy, where we're told to toe the line and do as we're told, and the new economy, where the people are the greatest asset," Smith says.

Becoming outrageous-and encouraging it in your employees-is easier said than done, of course, because it all comes down to one fundamental factor: your ability to change. Smith says it's a process that takes time, commitment and a lot of effort, so don't expect overnight results.

But what you'll begin to build is a living, breathing, dynamic organization full of motivated and loyal people, each of whom wants to make a significant contribution to the business.

Here's where to begin, according to Smith: