WHY Peoplesmith?

Because you want a Winning Strategy: Positive, productive change into a confident future. We consider all our clients leaders--- of businesses, organizations, families and lives. Traversing significant milestones and profound change calls for expanded resources and networks of support. It's an honor to be your thought partner, advocate and guide using the transformative process of coaching.

Peoplesmith Global uses a combination of psychology, behavioral decision science and change management in our coaching technologies of emotional intelligence and behavioral finance. We champion our clients's goals through coaching for expanded personal capacity for the next iteration. Our Emotional Intelligence of MoneyTM Programs support important transitions and strategic decisions that have financial and emotional impact. Coaching assures individuals are more confident, energetic and fulfilled; businesses and organizations more productive, profitable and competitive


Through our affiliation with TIGER21, we bring extensive resources to wealth creators and investors traversing a significant liquidity event. For a private and confidential conversation, please email Brenda.Smith@Tiger21.com.

Mastery & Milestones

Since 1998, Peoplesmith has been coach and thought partner to the worlds' global leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and families when facing complex decisions and important transitions. Some strategic: Some financial.

New lives require new resources and call for new capacity for thought and action. We are your partner in authoring change, clarifying goals, and navigating a smooth transition. Using the performance technologies of emotional intelligence and behavioral finance while drawing on decades of business, financial and interpersonal success, our goal is to arrive at your new, personal best. The coaching process builds clarity, confidence and commitment for achieving desired personal and professional goals.

From Working Strategy to Winning Strategy

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt on Why everyone needs a coach

We all have a Working strategy - a way of doing things that is familiar, natural and comfortable. This took us to our current level of success. Yet, there comes a point past which our working strategy will not take us to the next level. A new success criteria and new muscle is needed to arrive at a Winning strategy. Peoplesmith Global accelerates clarity of thought, skillfulness and purposeful action to that destination.

Why Coaching?

There are many ways we can learn and change. Coaches are expert in change, transition and learning while building new self-awareness in the process. Whether a life transition like retirement, starting a new business or leaving an old one, coaching accelerates progression through complex decisions and transitions that call for executing multiple plans, often simultaneously. This highly personal partnership works from the inside out, touching multiple dimensions while building personal awareness and mastery while illuminating blind-spots for a clear and confident way forward. Some ways coaching may be used are:






Important life transitions and complex decisions have both emotional and financial impact. Your coach is a confidential, collaborative thought partner as you transition:

  • Retirement Transition Coaching
  • Strategic Life Planning
  • Life Transactions
    • Personal
    • Professional
  • (Pre) Divorce
  • Retirement Life Planning
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Executive Coaching / Executive Life
  • Job Transition / Encore Career
  • Business Start-ups
  • Women's Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence of MoneyTM Programs
  • Financial Literacy & Learning
  • Personal Concierge Service
Ventures start, evolve and exit. Each stage of development requires a different balance of capital – human, financial, emotional, social and intellectual. Modulating these investments and rebalancing them are critical skills during the build, management or sale of a business. Your coach lends expertise, guidance and resources for the process Our business clients are bottom-line oriented, so our coaching is results driven.

  • Business Start-ups, Sales and Exits /M&A
  • Engaged Leader–Engaged Teams
  • Managing for growth
  • Raising capital / Capital Markets
  • Organizational change / development
  • Business Start-ups
  • EQ Money Programs
  • Business Concierge Service
Like all systems, families grow, transition and change. Unique dynamics among members can be aligned through communication, facilitation and collaborative forces.

  • Family Systems Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Next Gen Leaders
  • Philanthropy
  • Family/Group Dynamics
  • Weather Creator - Leadership
  • Governance Guidance
  • Communication
  • EQ Money Programs
  • Family Concierge Service
Advocacy is having a true learning partner to review situations through your eyes. A new point-of-view, or new clarity may require a "ReThink" of a current plan or course of action.

  • Second Look
  • Re-Think Review
  • Education &Learning
  • Financial Literacy / Learning
  • Technical Review
  • EQ Money Programs
  • Concierge Service
You're expert in your field. You're masterful in providing subject matter expertise. Add to your repertoire the ability to engage clients, build loyalty, and have deeper connections.

  • Holistic client discovery
  • Coaching for engagement
  • How do you want me to listen?
  • Ask!
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Advisor as CEO
  • Advisor Independence
  • EQ Money Programs
  • Concierge Service

As a confidential thought partner and coach, we share knowledge, bring clarity of goals, and define a transition path. For more information or a complimentary consultation, please email us at EQCoach@peoplesmithglobal.com

Positive, Productive Change...

As athletes know, optimal performance requires that we commit our minds, and engage our emotion. Change is both rational and emotional; linear and lateral. Transitions call for courage, discipline and strength to break through the status quo. Coaching adds that muscle. Whether as support for an individual goal, a family initiative, or a firm-wide change program, we coach for alignment of inner intelligence for the demands of the outer game – the eco-system you seek to master.

Smooth Transitions...

The more seasoned we become…the stronger our personal balance sheet…the higher we advance in our career… the more qualitative our decisions. We’re all capitalists in discharging our financial, social, intellectual and emotional capital. Leaning in to the future, leaning on support resources, and leaning outward with grit and grace aligns our efforts to their highest and best use. Coaching can support your priorities at the right time and the right target for the right outcome.

Emotional Intelligence of Money® Programs

Our Emotional Intelligence of Money® Programs focus on decisions that affect wealth and well-being. Our holistic approach to personal, interpersonal and inter-generational decisions and planning integrate many personal dimensions of concern. We complement traditional financial guidance by facilitating insight, clarification and knowledge to an otherwise technical process. For more information, please visit Emotional Intelligence of Money.

To hear our radio interview on the International Financial Network, click here.


TIGER 21 stands for "The Investment Group for Exceptional Returns in the 21st Century". Through our affiliation with TIGER21, we bring extensive resources to wealth creators and investors traversing a significant liquidity event, succession or having amassed wealth. Issues of confidentiality, wealth preservation, next generation planning, investing and philanthropy are discussed through your personal advisory board. For a confidential conversation, please email Brenda.Smith@Tiger21.com

ReThink Strategy

Sometimes, we want a second look. Another set of eyes on our strategies and plans. With renewed clarity, your vantage point may shift. You may ReThink your plans and strategies. Acting as your confidential thought partner, we can help interpret technical strategies and align resources in support of your goals. A ReThink is educational and informative, providing new insights into existing strategy.

Intelligence: The 'H' Factor

We champion the "H" Factor, or Human Factor in planning and performance, inviting your natural intelligence into the coaching process. Whether navigating a personal or business transition, increasing professional skill, or facing complex financial decisions, your personal wisdom authors your goals. Our proprietary discovery process engages you in a confidential process.

"H-Factor" for Advisors

Financial advisors, attorneys and CPAs are subject matter experts with a mastery of knowledge in their field. Learning how to work holistically with all the dimensions of your client’s lives allows a more personal client experience and broader impact to their lives. More engagement, more loyalty, more trust, better results.

Soft Skill for Hard Results...

Champion athletes, corporate executives and dynamic entrepreneurial leaders know that inner emotional engagement produces outer Olympian results. Engaging the intelligence of e-motion allows everyday athletes to produce breakthrough results --- both through the mastery of their own drives and the ability to influence others. More than 80% of assets in the S&P 500 are intangible. It's no surprise then, to create an asset of value, 80% of our time would be directed at inspiring another intangible asset: human capital. Intelligent emotion mobilizes people, aligns action with strategy and engages important others in the process.

Peoplesmith Global: Your Confidential Partner

Our Global Coaching Alliance is comprised of seasoned executive coaches on five continents that are culled from diverse industries, geographies specialties and cultures. They are available for individual assignments and for organizations, families and businesses. These programs accelerate real-time learning, influence and impact. We have the ability to manage external coaching programs using a consistent protocol that supports both individual development needs and collective or organizational strategy.

Concierge Services

It takes a village. High functioning clients are always looking for resources. They may be exploring new jobs, business opportunities, ventures, or making plans. When needed or requested, we build a constellation of resources into a network of support for clients. In this way, we're stewards, assembling best-in-class experts around you.

Leadership Impact...

For organization-wide change, our Systemic CoachingTM Program for organizations deploys a team of seasoned coaches worldwide to support your organizational change or leadership initiatives. Using a uniform protocol and proven methodology, executives receive a consistent coaching experience focused on defined organizational outcomes. Peoplesmith Global Coaches are highly experienced as confidante, change partner, and co-facilitator in accelerated learning and development. Leadership requires leverage in the ability to influence others with integrity for a Multiplier EffectTM within the organization. Efficiency with fiscal management must be coupled with effectiveness with people to create engagement, innovation and excellence. Our coaching programs build on current strengths while building leadership. Soft skills lead to hard results like increased retention, productivity and profitability.