WHY Peoplesmith?

Because you want a Winning Strategy. Positive, productive change into the best, boldest future you envision. We invest in leaders, creating change that is accelerated through the transformative process of coaching.

Peoplesmith Global, Inc. is a strategic coaching firm dedicated to individual and organizational performance. Upholding the highest standards of coaching excellence, we steward human potential and facilitate powerful results for executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Peoplesmith Global Coaches transform leaders at every level of the organization using the science of emotional intelligence and the art of coaching. Individuals are more confident, energetic and fulfilled; organizations more productive, profitable and competitive. We coach leaders to the top of their game:

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We Empower Individuals and Engage Organizations

Since 1998, Peoplesmith has developed masterful leaders for today's dynamic and complex business environment. Using the performance technologies of emotional intelligence and behavioral finance, and accelerating development through coaching, leaders gain soft skill that produces hard results. Our clients are bottom-line oriented so our coaching is results-driven. Our international team of coaches work world-wide with seasoned executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs as thought partner, confidante and coach to maximize insight, influence and impact - aligning people and teams to business strategy. We are committed to developing individuals who are more confident, effective and fulfilled; organizations that are more profitable, productive and engaged.

From Working Strategy to Winning Strategy

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt on Why everyone needs a coach

Leaders have a Working strategy—a way of doing things that is familiar, natural and comfortable and which took us to our current level of success. Yet, there comes a point past which our working strategy will not take us to the next level of performance. A new success criteria is needed to align skills to a new, Winning strategy. Peoplesmith Global accelerates the leaders' clarity of thought, skillfulness and purposeful action for their future success

Positive, Productive Change...

Change is both rational and emotional; linear and lateral. Deliberate change requires great courage, self-mastery, and navigating challenges to the status quo. Whether as support for an individual initiative, or a firm-wide change program, we coach leaders in skillful alignment with the changes necessary to compete in today's global markets. Our Systemic CoachingTMProgram deploys a team of seasoned coaches worldwide to support your organizational change or leadership initiatives. Using a uniform protocol and proven methodology, executives receive a consistent coaching experience focused on defined organizational outcomes. Peoplesmith Global Coaches are highly experienced as confidante, change partner, and co-facilitator in accelerated learning and development.

Leadership Impact...

The higher one goes in an organization, the more qualitative the decisions. Leadership requires leverage in the ability to influence others with integrity for a Multiplier EffectTM within the organization. Efficiency with fiscal management must be coupled with effectiveness with people to create engagement, innovation and excellence. Our coaching programs build on current strengths in technical skill while building leadership soft skills to create hard results like increased retention, productivity and profitability.

Soft Skill for Hard Results...

Champion athletes, corporate executives and dynamic entrepreneurial leaders know that emotional engagement produces Olympian results. Engaging the intelligence of e-motion allows corporate athletes to produce champion results - both through the mastery of their own drives and the ability to drive others. More than 80% of assets in the S&P 500 are intangible. It's no surprise that 80% of your time would be directed at maximizing performance through people. Intelligent emotion informs a science of soft skill that mobilizes people, aligns business strategy and engages others to achieve business outcomes.

Peoplesmith Global: Your Confidential Partner in Change

Our Global Coaching Alliance is comprised of seasoned executive coaches on five continents that are culled from diverse industries, geographies and cultures and are available for individual assignments or firm-wide systemic coaching programs to accelerate real-time leadership learning, influence and impact. We have the ability to manage external coaching programs using a consistent protocol that supports both individual development needs and organizational strategy.